How to use Line?

Here you can follow a step by step walkthrough to get started with Line.

Click here to go to the download page for Line.

Line download page

If you are on IOS, click on the App Store icon.

If you are on Android, click on the Play Store icon.  

please open the Line app.

add friend line

After registering and setting up your profile, click on the icon as shown to start adding friends.

Line QR

 We recommend using the QR code option as it is the easy way to add friends on Line or Click link below QR code.

Line QR code


add friend lineAfter scanning the QR code, a link will appear at the top of your screen. Click the link to proceed.

Add friend line

 Next, click the big green spot at the bottom of your screen.


Start chatting with lineThe last step is to click on the the small keyboard icon at the bottom left of your screen to start chatting with us.

Chatting image

Thank you for following our walkthrough! Feel free to ask us anything!