Gofer service

 What is Gofer?

Gofer is a service we provide for people who wants to buy items from Japan that are not available in your country or is unreasonably expensive. Often, items that are cheap or readily available in Japan, are sold at a very high price or even counterfeited and sold as cheaper alternatives. 

We offer you to buy whatever you would like from Japan and send it to you for a reasonable price!

How to use Gofer

In order to use Gofer, we need you to download an app called Line. Line is the biggest messaging app in Japan and provide many convenient services that allow us to give you updates and offers as well as discussing the items you would like. 

Quick download https://line.me/en/

When you finish downloading Line please add us as a friend via the link or the QR code below.

Line QR


Also, we have made a step by step walkthrough with pictures on how to get started with Line, and connect with us in the link below.

How to use Line??

Start chatting with line

Once you have added us on Line, simply send us a message or picture with the items you want, and we will do our best to find it for you!


We take 10% as service fee and depending on the item, we will take shipping and/or travel fees. We will of course discuss the price with you before committing on buying the item, so that we are both satisfied with the outcome.



Payment is done through PayPal.

We will send you an invoice by PayPal email settlement service.

When we send an invoice through email, the customer can pay in minutes. It's convenient, faster and safer. 

When you finish the payment, we will buy the item as soon as possible and send it to you.

Cautionary note


We can't ship items that are prohibited to be shipped worldwide.

Please click here for information on items that can't be sent.

Nonmailable Articles in International Mail

 We will check to see if the item can be sent here as well so please feel free to contact us by Line.