What does this disclaimer apply to?

This disclaimer applies to any of the products that contains HelloAmazake.

What are the HelloAmazake Programs?

The HelloAmazake Programs are an integrated wellness solution combining an exercise plan and HelloAmazake product.

What is HelloAmazake?

HelloAmazake is not a food substitute. For maximum health benefits it should be consumed in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet and appropriate exercise program. such as our HelloAmazake Detox Program.(exercise Plan)

The HelloAmazake comprises two different products.

・HelloAmazake (alcohol and no alcohol)

・HelloAmazake Detox Program (exercise plan)

HelloAmazake and HelloAmazake Detox Program is a long-term product.

You can feel the effect after using it for a long time. However for some people the effect may be immediate.

You should drink at least one serving per day  (at least 10g per day) while using the Hello Amazake or HelloAmazake Detox Program.

The most effective way to take it is three times a day(each time 10g), morning, noon, and night. 

Precautions for taking medicine

Before commencing a HelloAmazake and HelloAmazake Detox Program, always check with a healthcare practitioner when you are taking medications or have any medical conditions. If you experience any adverse reaction to any of the HelloAmazake products, stop using the product immediately and see your healthcare practitioner.

Who shouldn’t use HelloAmazake?

Everybody is different in how they will react to HelloAmazake. It is not for everybody. If your body reacts negatively to HelloAmazake stop using the product immediately. You should not use HelloAmazake if you are:

  • under 18 years of age.(contains alcohol)
  • pregnant.(contains alcohol)
  • breastfeeding.
  • suffering from a serious medical condition.
  • People with elevated blood sugar levels
  • Person with diabetes

Our product contains less than 1% alcohol.

Do not use if you have abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting, or if you develop diarrhea.  See your healthcare professional if symptoms persist.

Effect of HelloAmazake

Please see the following article for more information on the effect of HelloAmazake

What nutrients are in amazake? Drinkable intravenous drip?