Ambassador program

Ambassador program

We ask our customers who like our products to help us promote them in any way you can.

This ambassador program allows customers to refer to our products through various media, and we give a percentage of their purchases as cash back to those who make such referrals.

These various media include








You can introduce products in any other media in which you are comfortable.

How much commission will I earn?


Since we are just starting out!

Those who join us from the start, will get payed a flat rate of $25 for entire order.


After the first 100 ambassadors, the payment amount is subject to change.

 Terms of Ambassador program

Please purchase our product once and try the results from our research and efforts.

If you feel the benefits and like the taste of our amazake, please join our ambassador program.

If you like it, we would be happy to have your continued use.

You will get payed $25 per new costumer who orders through your affiliate link.

Payment is sent every $100 you earn (4 sales) through paypal.

How can I join?

If you would like to join our ambassador program, please click on the link below.

Ambassador program of CRAFTMALL


If you would like to use the service on your smartphone after creating an account, the Mobile APP could be convenient for you.

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