What nutrients are in amazake? Drinkable intravenous drip?

What nutrients are in amazake? Drinkable intravenous drip?

In Japan, amazake is called a "drinkable intravenous drip or drinkable beauty essence.
It is a drink with such high nutritional value.

Amazake is a drink with a history as long as that of sake(Japanese rice wine) which has been drunk for 1,300 years.

What nutrients are contained in amazake?

Amazake contains the following ingredients

Vitamin B1 → aids in the breakdown of carbohydrates.

Vitamin B2 → stimulates lipid metabolism.

Vitamin B6 → healthy skin, hair, and teeth.

Vitamin B12 → blood production.

Folic acid → Prevents anemia.

B vitamins are essential for energy production.

It is expected to prevent aging and mouth ulcers.

・Dietary fiber

Function to regulate the intestinal environment and suppress the rise in blood glucose levels after eating.


It increases bifidobacteria, good bacteria that move to regulate the intestinal environment.

It helps maintain clean intestines, improves immunity, and prevents colds.


It is expected to suppress the production of melanin pigment and promote its elimination, normalize skin metabolism, detoxify the skin by improving liver function, and relieve hangovers.


It is expected to promote growth hormone, improve immunity, relieve fatigue, and improve keratinized skin problems. 


It is expected to inhibit muscle breakdown, support digestive function, improve immunity, and repair wounds.

・Amino Acids

A component of protein synthesis, amino acids are essential for building the human body, including hair, nails, and muscles.

Kojic acid

Kojic acid, produced from koji mold, has the ability to inhibit the production of melanin, which causes spots and dullness. Its high antioxidant effect can be expected as a countermeasure against skin problems.


It is an important energy for the brain and promotes improved concentration and motivation.


Amazake is called a "drinkable intravenous drip" because the nutrients contained in amazake are almost the same as those used in intravenous drips. It is also called a "drinkable beauty essence" because it contains many ingredients that act on the cause of skin problems.

 Our HelloAmazake is available in two types: one alcohol-free, made only with rice malt, and the other with sake malt. 

HelloAmazake, made only with rice malt, does not contain any sake malt, so it is safe for pregnant women and small children.

 HelloAmazake, a mix of rice malt and sake malt, contains alcohol, although the alcohol content is less than 0.1%.


 These two types of amazake differ considerably in nutrients and taste, so it is best to think of them as completely different.

See the article below for the differences between these two types of products.

We believe you will discover someone who fits your preferences.

How are rice malt amazake and sake lees amazake made? Are there any differences in nutrients and effects?