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Small - 100g - 3.5oz

This quantity is recommended for first time orders.

Medium - 300g - 10.5oz

100g is not enough, recommended quantity for repeat purchases.

Large - 500g - 17.6oz

Recommended quantity for large families or for use in seasoning food.

Mega - 1kg - 35.2oz

Recommended quantity for those who want to use it for alcohol splitting and food seasoning in restaurants.

※Alcoholics contain less than 1% alcohol.
The reason for this is that the alcohol one is made with sake koji and rice koji.

※The non-alcoholic version is also made with sake koji and rice koji but 

The alcohol content is completely eliminated by a special process so Even children can drink it.


Orange Amazake


We use a brand called "Setaka" for our orange flavored HelloAmazake.

Setaka is a new variety created by crossing citrus fruits with good aroma and taste.

It is one of the sweetest orange varieties in Japan.

In Japan, this fruit deserves to be called the big toro of oranges.

We have tried a variety of oranges, but we found the sweetness of this "Setaka" and HelloAmazake to be the most delicious combination.


Easy to drink and easy to arrange, the possibilities are infinite.

The powder type makes it easy to take the desired amount to work, the gym, a friend's house, etc.

Simply dissolve in 100 ml of water or hot water to complete the process.

It can also be arranged with soy milk, milk, or as a drink to be mixed with alcoholic beverages.

It can be used not only in drinks, but also as a substitute for sugar and as a secret ingredient in sweets and cooking.

Cooking with amazake powder doesn't reduce its nutritional value.

HelloAmazake expected benefits include

・Similar ingredients to intravenous drip to recover from fatigue

The "koji mold" contained in amazake helps digest and absorb nutrients, so nutrients can be efficiently absorbed and converted into energy.

The ingredients that enzymes break down rice include glucose, which is the same ingredient as an intravenous drip, and a wealth of B vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, making it a great drink for recovering from fatigue.

Koji mold" is a food for good bacteria, and it also activates the immune system and improves immunity.

・Effective in preventing heat stroke

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, drinks containing 40 to 80 mg of sodium per 100 ml are suitable for preventing heat stroke.

The sodium content of amazake is approximately 60 mg per 100 ml. 

Amazake, with its well-balanced combination of water and salt, is an ideal drink for preventing heat stroke.

・Effective in preventing and relieving constipation

Amazake also contains a good balance of dietary fiber and oligosaccharides, which help to decrease bad bacteria in the intestines and increase good bacteria to help regulate the intestinal environment.

・Promotes metabolism and beautiful skin

Amazake, which is also rich in vitamin B complex, promotes blood circulation and metabolism

The biotin(group of vitamin B) contained in "yeast fungus" has a great effect on rough skin and dull skin.

Furthermore, the enzymes in "koji mold" have an antioxidant effect, which helps prevent aging.

・It supports weight loss.

In particular, amazake contains high levels of glucose, which aids in digestion and raises blood sugar levels.

As a result, the satiety center is stimulated, making it easier to feel full.

When you are on a diet, you try to cut back on snacking and avoid sweet and high-calorie foods, don't you?

At such times, drinking this HelloAmazake will fill your stomach and drown out hunger.

This product is highly recommended for.....

・People suffering from skin problems

People suffering from constipation (want to improve intestinal environment)

People who want quick and easy nutrition

People who want to feel the power of fermentation

People concerned about nutritional value due to dietary restrictions

People who simply care about taste. Try it!

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