what is Amazake?

what is Amazake?

In Japan, amazake is a traditional drink that originated 1,300 years ago and is still consumed in modern society. 

Amazake can be divided into two main types.


・The first is rice malt amazake made from rice malt.

・The second is sake lees amazake made from sake lees. 

Characteristics of rice malt amazake


Amazake, which has been on the market for 1,300 years, is mostly made from rice malt.

Rice malt amazake has been consumed as a "drinking IV" since the Edo period (1603-1867).
Because the rice starch is saccharified, it is sweet without sugar.
It contains high amounts of glucose, which is quickly used as energy. It also contains high amounts of other oligosaccharides.

In the past, people used to drink it in the sense of what we now call a nutritional drink.

What are the characteristics of sake lees amazake?


Sake lees amazake is not sweetened with the addition of sugar or sweeteners.
Sake lees contains "instant protein," a protein that is difficult to digest, and dietary fiber, which helps regulate the intestinal environment.
It only contains 1.0 g of insoluble dietary fiber, which is less soluble in water, and slightly more than rice malt amazake.

Both are fermented foods, but the nutritional components are very different between rice malt and sake lees.

See this article for the differences between the two amazake.

How are rice malt amazake and sake lees amazake made? Are there any differences in nutrients and effects?

HelloAmazake combines two types of amazake to enable double fermentation power.

Of course, we also offer non-alcoholic amazake made only with rice malt.